Houses in the Mediterranean
Country: Jordan
Year: 2018
Release Date: 09 Jul 2018
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First Day Cover/Philatelic
Press Release

Euromed Houses Stamps Issue - Jordan

Press Release

The philatelic committee in Euromed Executive Commission entitle all members to participate in issuing a joint stamp collection, Jordan Post took advantage of the opportunity and decided to take part of issuing a joint stamps issue depicting different types of old houses architecture in the Mediterranean region marking the co-operation between members of the Postal Union for the Mediterranean (PUMed) and representing the interaction and exchange of ideas in all aspect of life. The stamp will form part of an omnibus issue entitled 'The Mediterranean Sea' and features the Mediterranean Sea with its surrounding countries. The stamps have been issued and released by Jordan Post in July 2018  in 6 values JD 0.40  in one miniature sheet each totaling to  JD2.400  two houses from Jordan while the others are from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine and  printed out in a total quantity  of 5000 mini sheets by  super star Printing Press, offset  printing,  in Amman. This has been done with the aim to keeping up with the challenges of the stamps market and ever-changing postal industry. The joint stamp issue symbolizes the intention of the Mediterranean countries to co-operate and work together to benefit from such opportunity and to develop projects that will help each postal operator to address any future events concerning cooperation among the Mediterranean countries at all levels of life.

For Jordanian homes, it is distinguished by its interior design, which is located in the most modern architectural areas in the capital, Amman.

 It is also a modern architectural style with elegance and elegance in interior and exterior design. The villa in the form of rectangles, with geometric proportions studied detail details, where the house is characterized not only external form for aesthetics, but each form and its purpose and the basic functions through it.

This architecture applies to the rest of the houses in the Arab countries where houses were chosen.